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Landmark Mumbai

Project : Landmark Mumbai

Services : Interior design & PMC

Type : Office

Status : Completed in 2012.

Area: 19500 sq.ft.    Time: 5 months.    Cost: 6 crores.

A training facility is designed with sound proof moving partitions, Bose audio / video relay, in 3 seminar halls capacity ranging from 320 people to 100 people for delivery of core programs. Use of brand colours (olive green, deep grey & white) throughout 4rth floor, which include leader rooms, lobby, store room, server room &  rest rooms. 4000 sq.ft. open terrace has scattered sit-out benches for informal group discussions and relaxing. 5th floor includes operations office for 12 managers, 50+ assistants, accounts, Reg. Manager cabin & Conference room for 30 people. Staff pantry provides refreshing colour to recharge your self.    

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